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Alan David Custom Suits has been manufacturing custom suits in NYC since 1926. Our pattern making and measureing techniques are time tested, ensuring that the fit be as close to perfect the first time
16 East 40th Street Suite 702 New York, NY
Phone: (212) 227-4040
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We serve nationally including the following locations:
New York (NY), Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), Pennsylvania (PA), Atlanta (ATL), Chigaco (CHI) and Los Angeles (LA)

A Rich Tradition of Custom Suits  Since 1926

At Alan David Custom, every garment we produce is backed by four generations of expertise in measuring, pattern making, and tailoring. Our old-world tailors create the finest handmade men's tailored custom suits available today.

All Alan David garments are meticulously hand sewn in our family-owned New York City workshop; nothing is outsourced or produced overseas. This allows us to make sure that every garment is made to the highest possible standards. We do not manufacture ready-to-wear or made-to-measure garments. On the contrary, our custom made clothing process begins with a carefully drafted, individual pattern created for each client.

To best ensure a perfect fit, Alan David offers the most critical aspect of true custom suits, the basted fitting. A basted fitting takes place when the fabric is hand-cut and temporarily sewn together with white thread.(see photo). The fact that the suit is simply "basted" allows us to change the style as well as the fit of the garment as necessary. This guarantees the client complete satisfaction with the final fit and appearance. Without the basted fitting step, no suit can properly be called "custom."

Even with our rigorous dedication to quality and service, the price of Alan David Custom made clothing remains a truly exceptional value. Men's custom suits range from $995 to $1,795, and custom shirt prices range from $110 to $295. Owning our own factory allows us to maintain a very competitive pricing level for our custom garments.

We guarantee receipt of your clothing order in 15 to 18 working days. A seven day express service is also available. Come experience the finest boys', women's and men's tailored suits and custom garments New York has to offer.

AlanDavidNYC is a custom suits store. We provide high quality and handmade clothing including custom tuxedos for formal occasions, custom dress shirts perfect for daily business wear and custom ties available in a wide variety of fine fabrics and styles.

Please click here to schedule an appointment online or call us at 212.227.4040

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