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Alan David Custom Suits has been manufacturing custom suits in NYC since 1926. Our pattern making and measureing techniques are time tested, ensuring that the fit be as close to perfect the first time
16 East 40th Street Suite 702 New York, NY
Phone: (212) 227-4040


Since 1926, the old-world custom tailors of Alan David have created the finest, hand-made mens custom suits available anywhere. Nothing is outsourced or produced overseas. This allows us to make sure that every garment is being made to the highest possible standard.

No glue or other fusible is ever used in creating our fine custom mens suits.

Our canvas is hand-sewn into the garment allowing the lapel to have a proper and fluid roll, as opposed to a flat crease. This also helps guarantee that the lapel and chest maintain their proper shape throughout the life of the garment.

Our jacket collars are hand-sewn to help assure that the collar fits cleanly at the back of the neck without creasing or bunching.

All working buttonholes are hand-made.

Our trousers are all finished with reinforced waistbands to prevent them from “rolling over”.

Trouser cuffs are double reinforced to ensure that they never fall down.


At Alan David, the fit of our custom made suits is our number one priority. Our fit is what sets us apart from the rest.

Proper fitting must be learned from experience. Our measuring techniques and patternmaking skills are time tested over the course of four generations.

At Alan David we produce only custom suits, not “made-to-measure” suits. Every client we measure receives his own unique pattern. No two patterns are the same.

To best ensure a perfect fit, we offer the most important aspect of a true custom suit - the basted fitting.


suit3topA basted fitting takes place when the fabric is hand-cut and temporarily sewn together with white thread. The fact that the suit is simply “basted” allows us to change the style as well as the fit of the garment as may be necessary.

Our goal is to fit the client perfectly the very first time.


At Alan David we never allow price to compromise quality. To offer a suit based only on price would require us to use inferior fabrics or reduce the quality of the garment. Our clients know that they may have paid a bit more for their custom-made suit but understand that at Alan David they are getting the finest quality.

Our custom suits are priced from $995-$1,795. Custom sports coat prices range from $695 - $1,295. Everything is covered in our price including working buttonholes and pick stitching.

We also offer a first time buyers discount of $100 off all custom suits, $50 off all sports coats and 10% off all trousers. This is the incentive we offer to introduce new clients to the finest custom mens suits New York offers.


Alan David carries the most luxurious fabrics for whatever your needs might be. Fall fabrics include wools, flannels, mohair's, cashmeres, camel hair, corduroys, shetlands, gabardines, twills and tweeds. Spring fabrics include tropical wools, silk and wools, poplins, linens, seersuckers and microfibers. Alan David has thousands of fabrics from which to make your selection. From super 100's to super 250's in every conceivable color and pattern.

Our roster of fabric mills include;

Loro Piana

Loro Piana has been looming fabrics for over 100 years. It is one of the finest mills in Italy. Loro Piana has many different degrees of quality. The collections we offer are the Tasmanian as well as Zelander collections, both the cream of the crop.


For the finest fabric in the world, come feast your eyes on the Scabal super 250's fabric. Scabal has a wide range of fabrics including beautiful flannels for custom suits and trousers, silk and wool sports coats as well as a new collection of deluxe baby gabardines for trousers that is truly in a class all by itself.

Ermengildo Zegna

Zegna is a mill with a long standing history of quality and value. Zegna produces magnificent sports coat fabrics, both for Fall as well as Spring.


Dormeuil is an "English inspired" timeless classic. Their Amadeus Collection is a favorite due to its sturdy finish and classic look. Dormeuil also has a wonderful selection of cashmeres as well as tweeds that are popular for suits, sports coats and overcoats.

Visit Alan David's Showroom to preview the most luxurious fabrics for mens custom suits New York has to offer.


customOur staff will help you design a custom suit that both fits and flatters your individual physique.

Although highly personal, we believe that certain classic rules apply. For example, a shorter man will always look better in a two button suit as opposed to a three button model. A more stout man will always look trimmer in stripes as opposed to plaids or windowpanes.

In addition, our trained menswear professionals can help guide you through the entire

custom process. Once again, we recommend that you not leave it to amateurs who often simply take a series of measurements without considering all aspects of the clients appearance.

For instance, not only is hair color and skin complexion important in determining the color and shade of your suit but it is also true that a round or long face can be accentuated by the width of the jacket lapel.

Other details that should be considered when purchasing a fine custom suit include button stance, height, shoulder slope and the amount of room in the thigh area.

If you are lucky enough to already have a suit that fits perfectly, we recommend you bring it and allow our expert pattern makers to create a copy.


At Alan David we build relationships, not just sales.

For that reason we offer the following services on all mens custom suits;

1. Free shipping anywhere is the USA. Your garments arrive neatly packed in a hanger wardrobe box. This often saves you an additional trip to the showroom.

2. Our weaving department gives you piece of mind that if you somehow tear your suit it can usually be repaired to look like new. Our weavers are true craftsmen, having worked on many bespoke suits in New York over the years.

3. Alan David also offers alterations for the life of your garment. Gain or lose a few pounds, no problem. Just bring the garment in and we will re-alter it to your new specifications.

Please click here to schedule an appointment online or call us at 212.227.4040


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