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Alan David Custom Suits has been manufacturing custom suits in NYC since 1926. Our pattern making and measureing techniques are time tested, ensuring that the fit be as close to perfect the first time
16 East 40th Street Suite 702 New York, NY
Phone: (212) 227-4040

Master Craftsmen Tailored Trousers

Experience the Exacting Detail and Exceptional Fit of Alan David Custom Trousers

At Alan David Custom we realize that there are many clients who desire only custom trousers. We are pleased to offer a separate trouser collection of fabrics specifically intended for occasional trousers as opposed to custom suit pants that double-duty as trousers.

The Alan David custom trouser experience mirrors that of our fine custom tailored suits and sports coats. When you place an order for your custom trousers a separate pattern is always created for each client. The individual pattern we create for each customer is the key element in the fit and comfort of your custom trousers. At Alan David, our painstaking approach to assuring you the proper fit means the highest degree of comfort. For instance,, should you elect pleats rather than a plain front, that the pleats will lie smoothly and never pull open, no matter how trim or roomy a fit you may prefer. Front pockets are engineered to make certain that they will never pop open or gap. And, no matter how lean or robust your figure, we guarantee that the waistband of your Alan David custom trouser will never roll or bunch up.

Alan David custom trousers are available in both dress as well as casual fabrics, resourced from the worlds leading mills. We offer wools, corduroys, cottons, linens, gabardines, tropical wools and flannels (See the Alan David Fabric Glossary to find out some of our fabric options) among many others.

Plain Front, Single & Double Pleated & More

The array of choices available for custom trousers is incredibly diverse. Almost every detail of the pant can be customized to fit your taste. Your pants can be made with any type of pleat -- single, double, triple, box, inverted -- or with no pleats at all. The trousers can receive normal side pockets, jeans pockets, western pockets, deep pockets, or even specialty pocket-watch pockets. They can also be fully-lined, half-lined, or unlined, and can be tailored with a hugger waistband (a waist lining that helps grip the shirt, keeping it tucked in properly).

It is also possible to personalize your custom trousers in any number of ways; for instance, a popular European style replaces the zipper fly with a button fly and swaps the traditional belt loops for adjustable side tabs.

Trouser prices range from $245-$395.

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