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Alan David Custom Suits has been manufacturing custom suits in NYC since 1926. Our pattern making and measureing techniques are time tested, ensuring that the fit be as close to perfect the first time
16 East 40th Street Suite 702 New York, NY
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Handmade Custom Tuxedos

Events that require formal clothing easily number among the most significant in our lives. At Alan David we believe that your formal event is too important to allow just anybody to handle your attire. A formal occasion requires that look your best. You need to be assured that your garment will fit perfectly and be ready to wear in a timely manner.

Your custom formalwear experience begins with a visit to our Midtown Manhattan showroom and a meeting with one of our formal wear specialists. Once your needs and preferences have been established, a comprehensive measuring process takes place and an individual pattern for your custom tuxedo,morning suit or dinner jacket is created.

At this stage, we offer the client perhaps the single most distinguishing aspect of a true custom garment – the basted fitting. At this point the fabric has been hand-cut and temporarily stitched together with white thread. Trying on your tuxedo at this point allows both the tailor and customer to perfect the fit and the style of the garment. The fact that your custom made tuxedo is simply 'basted' makes it possible for us to change the style as much or as little as necessary. For example, the client may elect to narrow or widen the shoulders or lapels, make the garment tighter or looser in the armhole, the sleeves or even the thighs. This guarantees the client complete satisfaction with the final fit and appearance of his custom tailored tuxedo.

After the basted-fitting, changes are noted and your formal suit is returned to our factory where it is completed. The fact that we own our own local workshop makes it possible for us to provide an all together unique level of attention to each garment we produce. No tailored clothing we create is ever outsourced. Everything is made in our New York facility. You can be assured that our old-world tailors will create what is very arguably the finest, hand-made custom tuxedos New York has to offer.

Individualized Lapel Heights & Widths, Button Stance, Trim & More

Much like custom suits, when designing a tuxedo there are many different options that need to be considered. These include lapel heights and widths, satin or grosgrain trim, high or low button stance even the color of the jacket lining. It is critical that the tuxedo is designed to fit and flatter you for your formal occasion. Don't leave it up to amateurs.

Our formalwear department includes custom made tuxedos, custom shirts, custom ties, custom dinner jackets and full dress tails as well as custom bow tie and custom cummerbund sets.

Your custom tuxedo will be ready in 12 to 17 business days.
Your custom tuxedo shirt will be ready in 15 to 21 business days
Rush service gets your custom tuxedo here in as little as 7 working days

Custom tuxedo prices range from $1095-$1,895.
Custom tuxedo shirt prices range from $150-$345.

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